We post khutbas/sermons here just in case people miss the Friday prayers. For your benefit insha’Allah.

Fall Quarter 2013

1. Khutba 1 – Strong Believer vs. weak believer

2. Khutba 2 – The miracle of the Quran

3. Khutba 3 – Kushoo3

4. Khutba 4 – Ibliss and Being Grateful

5. Khutba 5 – Backbiting and Slandering

6. Khutba 6 – Remembering Death

Winter  2014

1/10/14: Compiled by brother Ziad – Balance, Moderation, and Hapiness

1/17/14: Compiled by brother Muhammad – Importance of Quran Education

1/24/14: Compiled by brother Kazi – Religious Maturity

1/31/14: Compiled by brother Ziad – Pride vs. Humility

2/7/2014: Compiled by brother Ziad – The virtue of Time and Patience: in the light of Surat Al Asr

2/14/2014: Compiled by brother Kazi – Islam and Nature

2/21/2014: Compiled by brother Ziad – Reflections and Insights on Surat Al-Kahf

2/28/2014: Compiled by brother Muhammad – On the Virtues of Surat Fatiha

3/7/2014: Compiled by brother Kazi – Diversity

3/14/2014: Compiled by brother Ziad – The Light Of Surat Adduha and it’s Relavance

3/21/2014: Compiled by brother Muhammad – Surah Mumtahina Tafsir Ayas 1-10

Spring Quarter 2014

4/3/2014: Compiled by brother Ziad –  Khutba 4 – Ibliss and Being Grateful (With addition of how to protect your self from shaytan … Tawheed, Surat Al-‘Ikhlas, Al-Falaq, and An-Nass)

4/11/2014: Compiled by brother Kazi – Power of Intentions

4/18/2014: Recycled khutba by brother Ziad about Remembering Death

4/25/2014: Khutba by brother Kazi “coming soon”

5/2/2014: Khutba taken from by brother Ziad – Purifying the Nafs

5/17/2014: The Oppressed Minority

5/23/2014: Tolerance, Respect, and Social Interactions


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