Knocking On Heavens Door – 10 Days of Dhul al-Hijjah


(In the name of Allah, most Gracious, the most Merciful)

Asalaamu Alaikum!

It’s official, the Saudi government has sighted the moon and it announced that October 6th, 2013 marks the first day of Dhul al-Hijjah! Which means the Eid will be on October 15, 2013. What is Dhul al-Hijjah? It is the sacred month which marks the end of the Islamic calendar. Dhul al-Hijjah is also the month where Hajj(Pilgrimmage to Mekka) takes place. Dhul al-Hijjah means, “Possessor of the Pilgrimage”. During this sacred month, Muslims from all around the world congregate to Mekka to visit the Kaaba. Usually the Hajj is performed on the 8th, 9th, and 10th of this month. Eid al-Adha means “Festival of Sacrifice” or “Greater Eid”, and it begins on the 10th day and ends on the 13th day of the Islamic month. Our hearts and prayers are always with those who are undertaking this pilgrimage during these days. For those who aren’t performing hajj, rejoice! For there is ways to make the best of your time!

The significance of the first 10 days of Dhul al-Hijjah.

1. From Surat Al-Fajr:

“By the dawn; And [by] the ten nights.” (89:1-2)

Ibn Kathir, along with the majority of  the greatest and most respected scholars, have said that the “10 nights” of this verse refers to the 10 days of Dhul al-Hijjah.

2. The Messenger of Allah(SAW), peace be upon him said:

“There are no deeds as excellent as those done in these ten days.” They (the companions listening) said, “Not even Jihad?” He, peace be upon him, said, “No, not even Jihad except a man who goes forth endangering his life and wealth and does not return with anything.” [Recorded by Imam al-Bukhari]

So technically, these first 10 days of Dhul al-Hijjah are the better than all of the days of the year, including the last 10 days of Ramadan! However, the last 10 nights of Ramadan are understood to be greater then the 10 days of Dhul al-Hijjah because they include Laylat al-Qadr(The night of power), which is better than a 1000 months.

What is recommended on these 10 days?

1. Fasting!

It is Sunnah for all Muslims to fast on the 9 days of Dhul al-Hijjah. Fasting is said to be one of the greatest deeds. In hadith qudsi, Allah says: “All the deeds of the son of Adam are for him, except fasting, which is for Me and I shall reward for it.” [Bukhari, 1805]

And in another hadith, it is recorded that the prophet used to fast the 9th day of the sacred month. Hanbada ibn Khalid reports on the authority of his wife who reports that some of the wives of the Prophet, peace be upon him, said, “The Prophet, upon whom be peace, would fast on the ninth of Dhul-Hijjah, the day of Ashura and three days in every month.” [Recorded by Ahmad, Abu Dawud, an-Nisa’i and others]

Included in the first 10 days of Dhul al-Hijjah is Yawm al-`Arafah (the Day of `Arafah), on which Allah perfected His Religion. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “Fasting the day of `Arafah expiates the sins of two years: the past one and the coming one. And fasting the day of Ashura expiates the sins of the past year.” [Muslim]

So fasting the 9th day is extremely recommended!

2. Takbir(Remembrance)

Another part of the Sunnah is to constantly remind ourselves of Allah(SWT) through remembrances known as takbeer, tasbeehtahleel, and tahmeed during the first 10 days of Dhul al-Hijjah. We can say these words anywhere may be permissible:

  • Takbeer: Allahu Akbar(God is great)
  • Tahmeed: Al-Hamdulilah(All praises to God)
  • Tahleel: Laa ilaaha illalah(There is no god but Allah)
  • Tasbeeh: Subhan-Allah(Glory be to God)

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “There are no days that are greater before Allah or in which good deeds are more beloved to Him, than these ten days, so recite a great deal of tahleel, takbeer and tahmeed during them.” [Ahmad, 7/224]

So, make the best of these 10 days, insh’Allah! May Allah Reward us all for our good deeds.





quran bismillah

In the name of God, the most Gracious, most Merciful

Asalaamu Alaikum!

On behalf of the board members of the club, we would all like to welcome all new students and members to the UC Santa Cruz MSA. We would also like to welcome back all of our old and recurring members. We had a great time last year, and hopefully it will be as fun and educational this year.

We have a lot of exciting things planned for this year insh’Allah and we hope that all of you try your best to make it out to our meetings; where we usually discuss things like social events, educational meets/halaqahs, and marriage proposals(no just kidding.. I think haha)… etc. Anyway, the MSA meetings are crucial part of our club because it is where we talk to everyone and get feedback from all of the members.. It is important that you try to make it because, of course we need you! With out all of you there is no club, and there would be nothing. Also remember that every thought counts! Try to be as open, respectful, and mindful as possible with any of the board members and club members, this will strengthen the kinship among the club. Of course, we will discuss more of these things in our welcome meeting.. which brings me to the next topic:

Our first welcome meeting is going to be next week! That is Wednesday October 2nd,  at 8pm. Try to make it out! Of course, there will be some reminders through out next week, we’ll try our best not to spam all of you with FaceBook notifications and emails, I promise ;).

Jumaa prayer will always most likely be in the Cervantes and Velasquez Conference Room, at 1:30pm. On 3 days of this quarter they  will be in the Redwood lounge, and we will give out notifications hopefully a week in advance for jumaas, in that way we hope to avoid confusion. This Friday, September 26… Jumaa are in the Redwood Lounge at 1:30pm(Not confirmed yet, will send out an email later to confirm.. be on the look out).

Ok I think that is enough of my ramblings, we will try and post educational and inspiring posts on this website all due in rememberance of Allah(SWT) and we also ask from Allah(SWT) to send our blessings; prayers, and glad tidings to the Messenger(SAW). Ameen.

“Truly in the heart there is a void that cannot be removed except with the company of Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala. And in there is a sadness that cannot be removed except with the happiness of knowing Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala and being true to Him. And in there is an emptiness that cannot be filled except with love for Him and by turning to Him and always remembering Him. And if a person were given all of the world and what is in it, it would not fill this emptiness.”

Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyya




To clear up any confusion,

This quarter, general body meetings are held every other Wednesday in Humanities 2, Room 250 at 8pm. The next meeting is this Wednesday (11/2).

This quarter, Jummah (Friday prayer) is held in the Stevenson Fireside Lounge at 12:45pm.

We hope to see you there.


Summer is over, and the Muslim Students’ Association has reconvened for the 2011-2012 academic year!

We had a huge (and I mean, huge) turnout during OPERS Fall Festival, and hope your interest continues right through the year.

To get the ball rolling, we cordially invite you to attend our annual MSA KICK-OFF DINNER!

Come down to the Kresge Seminar Room (Rm. 159) this Thursday (9/29) at 8:30pm for free food, games, and much, much more.

There’s no dress code. Wear whatever you feel comfortable in.

The kick-off dinner is a fun event and a great opportunity for you to:

  • Discover what the MSA is all about!
  • Learn what we have planned for the quarter!
  • Find out how YOU can get involved!
  • Catch up with your cool old friends, or make cooler new ones!
  • Eat food not from the dining hall!

If you have any questions please e-mail us at! We honestly look forward to hearing from you.

(As always, people of all faiths are welcome.)


The short version,
What: Annual Kick-off Dinner
Where: Kresge Seminar Room (Rm. 159)
When: Thursday, September 29, 2011
Time: 8:30pm


Please stay tuned for updates on our annual welcome back dinner and first general body meeting.

Also, Jummah (Friday prayer) is going to be held at 12:45pm in the Redwood Lounge.

Please e-mail for more information or to get on our mailing list. Also, check out our Facebook group, “UCSC MSA”, as a way to keep posted.

Ramadan Mubarak (Blessed Ramadan)!

As you probably know, on August 1 Ramadan begins! Ramadan marks the ninth month of the year (on the Islamic Calendar), during which Muslims all over the world fast between sunrise and sunset.

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has an informative (and quick) piece on Ramadan you should take a look at if you would like to learn a bit more about this holy month. Check it out.

Those of you observing Ramadan in Santa Cruz, please check out the “Praying on Campus” page for an up-to-date Ramadan prayer schedule.

If you have any questions or concerns please e-mail us at

Salaam everyone.